Here you will find the most frequently asked questions from different couples interested in Argentine Tango for their First Dance!

  • How long before the wedding should we start with the classes?
We suggest you start with the classes at least 3 or 4 months in advance. In this way you can learn without rushing and have a more relaxing and fun time in the process. Also we know that as the date of your wedding nears you will be very busy finalising everything for the big day - we like to help you to prepare your First Dance well in advance to give you one less thing to think about!

  • If we don't have much time before the wedding will we still be able to make it?
Of course! We will need to work a bit harder as you have less time, but together with you we will make sure that you have a beautiful dance ready for your wedding day. In this case we would recommend more intensive private lessons, rather than group lessons.

  • How many lessons we will need for our First Dance?
This will always depend on individual ability and it is because of this that we have different packages to offer to you, so that you can find and choose the most suitable option for yourselves. To see more details of our wedding dance packages please click on the "Packages" section located to the right of the website menu.

  • We have never danced before, how can we know that we can do it?
If you have the conditions to walk normally in the street.. this is enough! The Tango is based on walking and everyone can dance it. But also you can try taking a taster regular group class for beginners and them have a think about if you want to go ahead. To find details of our regular classes in your area please visit the main page of our website (www.miriamydante.com) and click on the "Tango Classes" tab on the main menu.

  • We have no idea about Tango music, would you help us to choose the perfect track?
Definitely, we have a complete selection of different orchestras from all years of Tangos, Milongas and Waltz.

  • What do we wear for the lessons?
For the classes any comfortable clothes will be good. We suggest that both of you wear similar shoes to those which you will be wearing at your wedding, so that you feel comfortable and confident when you come to dance on the day. For the private class and for marking the choreography we suggest that the lady wears a long dress or skirt, this is so that we can ensure that the movements in the choreography are appropriate for when you will be wearing your wedding dress.

  • Where the classes will be held?
For our regular group classes we work in venues with a good atmosphere, with wooden floor, central location and easy parking. For our private lessons we choose studios with mirrors and a barre to facilitate learning.